Investing in the Right Assets

Operations Overview

Strategic Oil & Gas is committed to building a premier oil company through the development of its concentrated, high-quality reserve base, and the integration of its wholly owned and operated sales infrastructure. Over the past five years, the Company has built a 500,000 net acre position in Northern Canada with an asset value of more than $1 billion*. The infrastructure and acreage assets provide Strategic Oil & Gas with long term growth operations that are repeatable, scalable, and profitable.

* Assumptions: Reserves July 1, 2014; Facilities – Financials SOV; Pipe $200k/km; Road $350k/km

$ 1.0 Billion Asset Value*
Assets: 500 ,000 Acres
Marlowe Cameron Maxhamish


The Marlowe area assets are located in northwestern Alberta, approximately 60 mile north of the town of High Level, Alberta.  Strategic is operator with a 100% working interest in 344,096 gross/net acres.  At year end 2014 the Company had 61 oil and gas wells producing from the Muskeg Stack and Keg River and Sulphur Point Slave Point formations.

In 2013, the Company purchased 44,600 net acres of land in Marlowe, shot 19.97 km2 of 3D seismic, 177 km of 2D seismic, upgraded the production facility and built all weather road access to all major producing wells.

Net production attributed to the Company in Marlowe for 2014 was 2,998 BOE/D.  McDaniel has attributed 6.7 MMBOE of proved reserves and 13 MMBOE of proved plus probable reserves to this property.


• 3 billion barrels of light OOIP in stacked zones
• 100% working interest & infrastructure with replacement value $500+ million
• Muskeg & Keg River are key focus for growth

Stacked Pay

Well Cost Efficiencies

344,096 Net Acres


Cameron Hills is located 50 km north of Strategic’s Marlowe asset in northern Alberta. Strategic holds a 86% working interest in 86,222 (74,207 net) acres. The field currently produces light oil and gas from the Sulphur Point and Keg River and the Slave Point Formations.

Production attributed to the Company for the full year 2014 from Cameron Hills was 494 BOE/D.  McDaniel has attributed 1.5 MMBOE of proved reserves and 2.0 MMBOE of proved plus probable reserves to this property.

Strategic Transmission Ltd.

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74,207 Net Acres


Maxhamish is a non-operated area in North Eastern B.C. Strategic is currently partnered with Crescent Point Energy with a 38.5% working interest in 67,478 (25,853 net) acres. In 2013, Strategic has a working interest in a total of 23 wells targeting primarily the Chinkeh formation.

As of year end 2014, Maxhamish had a gross average daily production rate averaged 35 BOE/D. McDaniel has attributed estimated proved and probable reserves in the Maxhamish property at 133.7 MBOE of oil.

25,853 Net Acres