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  • Two sections of land
  • Production of 70 bopd
  • Long reserve life index of 8 years
  • 75% owned facilities - central batteries, tanks, water handling facilities and flow lines
  • Mature medium gravity oil – Glauconite Zone, 1000 m depth.

Strategic’s wells at Taber have a long reserve life and have been producing medium gravity oil at a steady rate for several decades. GLJ Petroleum Consultants attribute 95,900 boe’s of proved reserves (net) and 188,400 boe’s of proved plus probable reserves (net) to this property at December 31 2010. The additional probable reserves at Taber may be obtained through infill drilling and through a comprehensive plan to optimize the waterflood currently in place.

Activities planned for 2011 include:

  • Drill one well
  • Reactivate one well
  • Realign the waterflood injection volumes
  • Chemical surfactant EOR test

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